Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cafe Moment

Same girl as in previous post, a moment is realy all I had to get each one of these down,
as I was waiting to have a meeting, and getting stuff together on my laptop, and there was all kinds of things going on in the cafe, mid summer, mid-afternoon, downtown Toronto. But I managed to put some lines and shades down that capture a couple of moments of beauty.

A Glance and a Thought

This is same girl as in previous post. Luckily we were in same cafe.
She reminded me a little of Liv Tyler, very sweet, dark brown hair, warm eyes, full lips,
slip curves and refined gestures. It is a pleasure to draw beauty like that. 

Sexy Walk

This girl stole my attention one sunny afternoon. She was extremely beautiful and refind, she knew how to walk, she knew how to cross her legs, how to..well be sexy. It was lovely to see her, like a flower in a garden. So I tried to catch a couple of quick sketches, these are very fast, in the middle of a crowd, based on glimpses realy, I wish I coul have her sit for me for some life drawing. But for now just a couple of sketches.