Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Sufi

This is another life sketch at the same Sufi gathering in Cairo as the previous post. This old man was so enjoying the singing and poetic recitations, that he proceeded to include some subtle dance most to interpret the music. 

Sufi Gathering

This was a sketch done from life. It was at a mosque in Cairo near Hussein(Khan El Khaili). The gathering was of the sufi order of islam, and they were singing verses from poems by islamic scholars and from the Quran. It was very much a kind of active meditaion. The man in the centre was the leader of this group, all told a very dignified and wise man of profound knowledge.

Gracefull Step

This is another drawing from a liefesize sculpture. This one is in Alexandria Egypt, it is of Mohamed Ali Pasha. I'm glad I got the feeling of the perspective, as my eye level was at the hoof of the horse.
I think I managed to cature the refinement, grace and solidity of the Arabian horse depicted in this scupture. 


This is a portrait done from "life" at the Egyptian museum in Cairo. It is the Pharaoh Dzoser, who built what was then the largest building in the world, and the first pyramid, the step pyramid at Saqarah. I first used a grey marker to block it in, then pencil, then some pastel, and finally some digital texturing. This is actually art of an art work. The original sculpture is amazing. 4500 years old, and weathered, yet still lifelike with subtle expressiveness. Some of the Pharaohs are depicted with a slight hint of a smile, a sign of contentment. The ancient Egyptians believed that as something is written or depicted, so it shall be. This sculpture is one of the masterpieces of all art history, I hope I did it some justice.


Same fellow as below. Inspired by the local old timers of Egypt, and Omar Khayam. Perhaps he is contemplating the feminine figures silhouetted upon the dunes. Nothing perplexes and delights a man more then women.

Old Man of the Dunes

This is a drawing I did in Egypt. The faces of the old time locals where very lively and deeply textured with character and layers, specially the older ones. Somehow Bay street Toronto doesnt quite do it. (sorry for the sarcasm there)
These kind of people are as much part of Egypt as the desert, Nile and monuments. Living links to a heritage, a past and a depth of character. The stories they could tell. 
The water colour looking streeks are actually red wine, Omar Khayam to be precise, my favourite Egyptian wine.