Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yuri Trush, Tiger hunter

Just a simple sketch of an extraordinary man, from a photo take by Shasha Snow. This man had to protect people from their own greed. In doing so he had to face one of the most magnificent and formidable predators still roaming free: the Amur Tiger, while protecting that very tiger population .
This man is truly a hero of our day. If you are interested about this amazing true story, read "The Tiger " By John Vaillant and see the film "Conflict Tiger' by Sash Snow. you won't be disappointed. Both great works in their own right.

Tiger study 2-Qadesh

One more of several studies done in 2000 of a friendly Amur tiger name Qadesh, who taught me a lot.

Tiger study 1-Qadesh

This is an older sketch , done back in 2000, but thought it has some good things, specially since its my first real study of this magnificent animal, from life...thanks Werner, and Qadesh.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is a study of one of 2 sculptures done for the Pharaoh Horemhem, 81-19 dynast-Egypt.. It is one of the most perfect sculpture ever made. I've looked at it, studied it, and went to the place where it was meant to be displayed, though there is only sand there now. This piece of jewelry is on loan now from the Cairo museum, currently with the Tutakhamun exhibit., the other is in Chicago's field museum.

Ki Ken Tai Ichi

Spirit/Mind, Sword, Body, One.