Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jaguar Study

A better study of the jaguar than the previous, focusing on the elbow and muscles around the shoulder and arm.

Jaguar's Elbow

Quick study of this jaguar and the bone structure of its arm and elbow. The museum was closing and they were prompting me to get out, so its not quite complete, but has the essentials.


Another angle of the same sabretooth cat skeleton, great pose. Not quite as dynamic an angle , but a information on the elbow and arm of the big cat.

Sabretooth in Perspective

Here is a study of a skeleton of a smiladon or sabretooth cat, at the R.O.M There is now a good display of various animal skeletons at the ROM, one does not have to go to anatomy departments of various universities to get a peek and try and get around the drawing and knowing anatomy.
One of several studies of this, from different angles.


Here, once again I take out a new toy for a spin. Just a test, not even intending to go as far as i did, just to see how pan pastels work, or more importantly how I can get them to work for me!
Appropriately, It depicts an airplane on its first test flight landing cycle. Here a classic Mcdonnel Douglas MD 11 makes its first landing, and my second pan pastel sketch. All systems go, just a couple of minor glitches.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Studies of Kate

Trying out new pan pastels, getting the feel of their application and brush strokes, very nice feel, takes a bit of getting used to , but nice, and with a subject of Kate Beckinsale cant go wrong, I could draw her all day and all night.